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Glass Partition walls for office/co-working spaces/showrooms

Office layout has critical impact on employee productivity and overall professionalism. While hosting meetings and engaging with clients, privacy is very important and you want to give that inclusive feel to your customers and employees alike to feel like the space is theirs. Partition walls make it easy to have important interactions in an open space without worrying about distractions. Consider a multiwall internal partition system to give you the freedom to arrange large office centers to accommodate as many people as you need. This is great to have co-working spaces accommodate many users without distraction. Glass workstation partitions are a cost-effective and attractive alternative to a traditional wall. For a more open-concept space, glass office partitions will let in the light and keep a room aesthetically pleasing while still cutting down on distracting noise. Various panel, frame, and glaze options are customizable to your needs and design choices. Now more than ever, installing glass office walls will help employees social distance without eliminating the collaborative capacity of the space. Glass office panels can give your conference room an open, modern feel while still serving their purpose to keep your client meeting private. Think about the needs of your office, and our custom office wall partitions will help you build the layout you envision.

Following are our simple steps to get your office/co-working space ready:

  1. Site Measurement

  2. Quotation submission

  3. Commercial Approval

  4. Engineering Approval

  5. Fabrication

  6. Installation

  7. Technical support and maintenance

For any enquiries, contact us at 04 333 5937 and visit us

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