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Challenges always teach you to perform better. They provide a platform for us to learn, an arena to improve, a strong will to overcome them & move forward. If we sway from those, we may miss an opportunity of providing superior value to the customer. Oxford Aluminum & Glass Industries received an order to supply to a prestigious project in Australia. Scope of work covered supply of aluminum curtain wall with double leaf swing door, aluminum framed single sliding door, Aluminum framed glazed awning windows, Aluminum framed glazed fixed windows & Aluminum framed double sliding doors. We had to adhere to Australia standards. This was a very imminent project & we had a limited time frame. Installation was done by a local team based in Australia. We had to assemble the curtain walls at our factory & had to supply in containers paving way for easier installation at site. The whole structure was prefabricated steel, hence there was no concern on construction tolerances. We had to maintain great precision & accuracy. Quality of work should be the best.

We made a special team & assigned task sequentially. Quality Control & inspection was made mandatory at each stage. Proper planning was done to ensure that we optimally schedule workforce, with skilled workforce assigned for installation. Our high end CNC machine was deployed for fabrication of façade system to high specification with reduced fabrication time.

Packaging & Loading was done after recurrent meetings & discussions by our operations team to ensure that customer at the other end receive the shipped materials without any delays/quality concern. Customer is our priority & we made it clear to every team involved that there should not be any gaps.

Being able to do business in U.A.E was a boon, as the authorities had gone out of their way to facilitate all import & exports without causing major disruptions to B2B business activities.

We successfully executed this overseas project within stipulated time frame. The towers standing high is the testimony to the fact that obstruction can be challenges, but challenges convert themselves into opportunity enabling us to achieve more & better. We look forward to many more such challenges & much more satisfied customers.

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